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In Case You Missed It: “Badland Hunters”, a sequel to the 2023 film Concrete Utopia - Watch on Netflix

Badland Hunters via Netflix
Badland Hunters via Netflix
Black Belt Plus

After a deadly earthquake turns Seoul into a lawless badland, a fearless huntsman springs into action to rescue a teenager abducted by a mad doctor.

For those as unaware as I was, Badland Hunters is a sequel to the 2023 film Concrete Utopia.  Despite missing out on the context from Concrete Utopia, Badland Hunters is a fun ride with Mad Max vibes! Set in a world ravaged by mega-earthquakes, it presents a barren dystopian world, filled with settlements overrun by bandits. 

The story follows a formidable hunter who combats these threats alongside encounters with a mad scientist conducting bizarre experiments on humans, resulting in an army of super soldiers. Our lead, played by Don Lee (Train to Busan, The Eternals) provides comic relief and impressive hand-to-hand combat, while fighting everyone and everything you could imagine in a zombie-filled wasteland.  

Directed by Heo Myung, with a screenplay by Kim Bo-tong & Kwak Jae-min. 

Starring: Don Lee , Lee Hee-jun, Lee Jun-young

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