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In Case You Missed It: “Captain Miller”

Captain Miller
Black Belt Plus

It’s no surprise that Amazon and Netflix are investing in entertainment from India. With an industry that rivals Hollywood, incredible and epic films are coming from this region. One that is receiving western fanfare is Captain Miller. 

In the era of British India, amidst the fervor of the anti-colonial freedom movement, Esan Aka Annalesan makes a fateful decision to join the British army in pursuit of dignity. The narrative unfolds as Esan leads a rebellion against British oppression, fueled by the brazen massacre of Indians. Hunted as the most wanted individual in the Presidency, he emerges as a defender of his settlement and clan against relentless attacks by the British regiment.

In the backdrop of the 1930s and 1940s, a rebellious Captain and his unorthodox band of outlaws embark on audacious heists. Miller finds himself torn between evading capture and confronting the myriad challenges head-on, forcing him to make a pivotal decision about his path forward.

Directed by Arun Matheswaran

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