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Jake Peacock Set 'To Inspire And Encourage' Fans At ONE Friday Fights 58

Jake Peacock

Black Belt Plus

Being a one-handed man in a butt-kicking contest usually entails being on the wrong end of the beating. But Jake Peacock of ONE Championship has defied those odds.


The 30-year-old limb-different striker will make his ONE Championship debut at ONE Friday Fights 58 against Kohei Shinjo on Friday, April 5. After winning the Road to ONE: Canada tournament, Peacock has a chance to step on the global stage and inspire the world.


Peacock competed in a variety of sports growing up. It stoked his competitive fires and never allowed him to back down from a challenge.


“My parents were really supportive. They would lead me in a certain direction, but they’d let me figure it out for myself,” Peacock told ONE.


“As far as I can remember, I played basketball. I swam competitively. I played everything, as well as football. I did karate and stuck to that. I’ve always had the attitude and outlook to never think of myself as being different. That gave me the mindset that if I wanted to do something, I was going to do it.”


Growing up differently led to also dealing with the cruelty of bullying. However, Peacock’s parents had put him into karate as a child, and his coach, Steve Groom, never taught him any differently than the other students.


Instilled with the skills to defend himself, a chance meeting with a bully allowed him to stand up against his aggressor and show the confidence that was building within himself.


“He showed me that I have no limits in any sphere of the sport and he instilled in me the belief that I can do anything I put my mind to,” Peacock recalled.


“There was one time that someone was getting a little physical with me. He pinned me up in the changing room, and that was the time I got into my first fight.”


“I’m glad that fight actually happened and that someone forced me into a position that I had to physically defend myself, because then I knew that I wasn’t going to be pushed around.”


His martial arts journey continued in karate, but eventually, he would take on the “art of eight limbs.”


Although a limb-different athlete, Peacock has found ways to find advantages in other ways to win a multitude of matches.


“If you look at all my fights, I’m 12-1 with 11 finishes. All of my finishes have been something different. It’s either been a left leg or my left hand or my right arm or my right leg to the head or to the body,” Peacock said.


“My mom once said after one of my fights that I’m the Swiss Army Knife of Muay Thai because I’ve got lots of different weapons.”


After claiming numerous titles in Canada, Peacock learned about the Road to ONE tournament in 2023.


He knew at that moment he had a date with destiny.


“From the moment I heard about Road to ONE, I knew I was destined for the world stage. ONE Championship is the world stage. What’s funny is that four years ago, I messaged Chatri. I said I would love the honor of fighting for ONE,” the Canadian stated.


By winning the tournament, he earned his place on the global stage. On April 5, the world will get to know Jake Peacock.


While many may start by focusing on his limb-difference, Peacock is confident that when the bell rings, they will begin to focus on the skills that brought him to the Muay Thai mecca, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.


“I never even like to draw attention to [my limb difference]. I like to keep my head down and just do what I do and be recognized as a great fighter. It’s an amazing opportunity to inspire and encourage people,” Peacock said.


“I knew I was born for the big stage. I was born for the best competition. The thing about me is that I love to entertain. There’s great fighters out there, but there’s not a lot of entertainers – I can fight and I can entertain. That’s what I’m going to do in ONE.”


ONE Friday Fights 58 airs live on on Friday, April 5, for $24.99.

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