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Jalin Turner Reflects on Career Growth, Prepares for Historic UFC 300 Fight Amidst Rising Popularity

Jalin Turner

Black Belt Plus

Jalin Turner, though featured in the latest EA UFC 5 video game, admits he hasn't explored his virtual persona yet. For him, his representation in the game symbolizes his success in a career he's deeply grateful for, although he views such milestones as mere aspects of his chosen path.

Turner, aged 28, is so dedicated to climbing the lightweight ranks that he rarely indulges in distractions like video games or dog training, sparing only a little time for skateboarding. His primary focus is his upcoming fight on the momentous UFC 300 card—a milestone he understands the significance of, having been inspired by earlier events like UFC 200.

Ranked tenth globally, Turner concluded 2023 victoriously by defeating Bobby Green impressively in under three minutes on December 2. Despite a challenging year that included a couple of split-decision losses, Turner's unexpected return to the ring in place of Dan Hooker against Green boosted his profile significantly. He acknowledges the gamble involved in each fight, emphasizing his preparation and readiness to seize opportunities, like his participation in the UFC 300 event.

Turner's recent win not only catapulted him back into the win column but also marked his first co-main event at a UFC event—a testament to his resilience and ability to deliver performances that captivate fans and elevate his standing in the sport.

Looking ahead, Turner is set to face Moicano, a Brazilian fighter gaining popularity as "Money Moicano" for his outgoing persona and consecutive wins. Despite the potential for pre-fight banter in Las Vegas, Turner remains unfazed, focusing solely on the fight and his performance.

Outside the Octagon, Turner's ambition fuels his ongoing commitment to the sport. He is motivated by the increasing challenges within his division, aiming to prove his worth and pursue the top spot. Through highs and lows, Turner is steadfast, continually striving to improve and achieve his ultimate goal—securing the championship title and the number one ranking.

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