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Karine Silva Rises in UFC Rankings: A Look Ahead to Her Match Against Ariane Lipski

Karine Siva

Black Belt Plus

As Karine Silva gears up for her fourth UFC appearance at UFC Fight Night: Nicolau vs Perez, her impressive 17-4 record, characterized by all wins coming before the final horn (nine knockouts, eight submissions), continues to garner attention.

Remarkably, 13 of these victories were secured in the first round. Despite many fighters experiencing a slowdown upon joining the elite ranks of UFC, Silva has maintained her momentum, achieving three first-round submissions in just over a year, including a notable victory over Maryna Moroz at UFC 292.

This win not only avenged a previous loss but also catapulted Silva into the Top 15—a significant achievement in just three fights. With the women’s flyweight division becoming increasingly competitive, Silva's performances are a key factor in its excitement.

Looking forward, she is set to face her most experienced opponent yet, Ariane Lipski, on April 27. Lipski, known for her striking capabilities, has already fought 11 times in the UFC, posing a substantial challenge.

Silva, who once trained in the same gym as Lipski, remains focused on leveraging her versatile fighting skills to secure a victory. With careful preparation and strategic planning with her coaches, she aims to counter Lipski’s striking prowess effectively.

Silva's goal remains clear: to continue succeeding in her "job" that brings her immense joy and to strive for a win that could edge her closer to the Top 10. However, her immediate focus is solely on achieving a victory this Saturday, with discussions on rankings reserved for later.

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