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Local Hero Joaquin Buckley Promises Epic Knockout in Hometown St. Louis Showdown this Saturday

Joaquin Buckley
Black Belt Plus

Joaquin Buckley's dream is coming true. At an earlier press conference, the St. Louis native made a bold request to Dana White for a fight in his hometown—the place he last fought in 2018.

His wish was granted, not as the main event but as an equally thrilling co-main bout. Buckley is set to bring the house down, expecting to deliver a stunning knockout that could redefine his career.

In the lead-up to the fight against the towering Nursulton Ruziboev, Buckley's preparation has been nothing short of intense. Despite the height disadvantage, he is confident his knockout power will see him through. Ruziboev, standing at an imposing 6’5", brings a formidable record into the Octagon, but Buckley is undeterred, promising an unforgettable performance that won't need the judges' intervention.

Just five weeks ago, Buckley achieved a career-defining victory over Vicente Luque, propelling him into the welterweight rankings.

Now, as he faces Ruziboev, he's not just fighting for another win but for his future in the UFC, aiming to leapfrog the ranks and captivate a growing fan base. With both fighters known for their finishing ability, this matchup is guaranteed to be explosive.

Buckley's clash with Ruziboev is an opportunity for him to become a superstar. As he steps into the Octagon, it’s clear Buckley is ready to seize the moment and deliver a show-stopping knockout that will resonate far beyond his hometown.

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