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Professional Fighters League sets tone with Successful Saudi Showcase

PFL Mena

In late February, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) achieved several milestones as it introduced its mixed martial arts (MMA) events to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the first time.

PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions - which was held in Riyadh - was the PFL’s inaugural event under their Pay-Per-View Super Fights Division, it was the first PFL event to introduce stars from Bellator MMA, which the league acquired in late-2023, and more importantly, it was the first global MMA event to be held in Saudi Arabia. 

The timing of it all couldn’t be any more perfect, as Saudi has steadily been turning into the global event capital for combat sports, with some of the biggest boxing events being staged in the largest country in the Middle East. 

Furthermore, the PFL’s successful entry into The Kingdom sets the tone for the future of the league - and the sport of MMA in general - in the region. 

This April, the PFL will be launching PFL MENA, the league’s second international offshoot. PFL MENA, which will be made up of four events, will take place across major markets in the Middle East, and will shine the spotlight on up-and-coming talent from the region. 

“PFL MENA expands the PFL brand and MMA footprint in the Middle East bringing events to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider region,” explained PFL CEO Peter Murray. 

“Through PFL MENA, we hope to be able to not only find and develop the next Middle Eastern MMA star, but we also want to be able to put the spotlight on MMA in the region and give it the attention and the exposure that it deserves,” added newly-installed PFL MENA General Manager Jerome Mazet. 

Over the past few seasons, a number of talents from The Middle East have already made their mark inside the PFL’s SmartCage. Names like Jarrah Al-Silawi and Saudi’s own Abdullah Al-Qahtani have proven that fighters from the region have what it takes to compete on a global stage, and all they need is the opportunity. PFL MENA will serve as that golden opportunity. 

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Apart from that, the PFL also signed Hattan Al-Saif, the first female from Saudi Arabia to sign an MMA contract with a major global promotion, signaling that the league is all-in on developing up-and-coming talent from the region. 

With the undeniable popularity of combat sports,  especially MMA, in the Middle East, PFL MENA is looking like it’s destined to be a success. The success of PFL Champions vs. Bellator Champions in Riyadh, however, was an important milestone in the PFL’s continuous push for the growth of the sport of MMA in the region.

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