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Reece McLaren anticipates a thrilling showdown at ONE Fight Night 22

Reece McLaren
Black Belt Plus

Reece McLaren will continue his climb toward the ONE Flyweight MMA World Championship on Friday, May 3, at ONE Fight Night 22 on Prime Video.

The No. 4-ranked contender will have to stop China’s Hu Yong to maintain pace and take the next step forward toward his ultimate goal. And the Australian athlete knows he will have to survive the heavy hands of “Wolf Warrior” to pick up the win.

“Yeah, he looks like he’s a great striker, he has a big right hand and swings for the fences. He’s throwing the kitchen sink at you when he throws,” McLaren told ONE.

With Hu’s comeuppance in the division, McLaren sees the chance to stop his hype train before it rolls too far down the tracks. By usurping his momentum, “Lightning” plans to jump to the front of the flyweight line.

“I think he’s on a three-fight win streak. He just beat the guy that beat Yuya [Wakamatsu], so this is a big turning point for myself and him, I believe. Yeah, the sky’s limit after this one if I can get the nod,” the flyweight contender remarked.

McLaren has been tightening up his striking game over the past year with the help of John Wayne Parr, but McLaren still knows where his bread is buttered.

With “Wolf Warrior” possessing top-notch power, the Aussie is more than willing to utilize his superior grappling on May 3.

“Honestly, I think I’ve got the wood over pretty much most of the ranked ONE Championship flyweights in the grappling aspect. Jiu-jitsu, submissions, yeah, give me an inch, and I’ll take that mile,” McLaren said.

With the confidence in his ground game, McLaren expects a decisive result that will excite the fans.

“Tune in, and you’ll see. I think it’s gonna be a bashing,” McLaren stated plainly.

The title has been elusive, and McLaren is not shy about wanting a crack against Demetrious Johnson and the ONE Flyweight MMA World Title. However, the match simply has not come to fruition just yet.

While the dream is still alive, McLaren is trying not to think too far ahead until it finally becomes a reality.

“Yeah, I always think I’m one fight away from [the World Title shot]. Honestly, I’m trying not to think too much into it. I’m just taking it one fight at a time. Honestly, after changing camp, new year, we’re so ready to just get in and smash everyone,” the Aussie commented.

The title is not the only thing on his mind. McLaren also wants to exact revenge against familiar foes.

Whether the title bout comes next or not, “Lightning” knows he has options that will fulfill his desire to compete on the global stage.

“I’ve wanted that Danny [Kingad] rematch since day one, and he’s hiding up in those mountains. I’d love to run it back with Yuya. That was a hell of a fight, and I think we’ll put on another hell of a fight, and we’ll see who’s improved the most,” McLaren said.

“I know I’ve definitely improved since that one, and he’s definitely improved since that one. But yeah, I feel new tactics, new me. It’ll be a different story for both of them.”

ONE Fight Night 22 airs live on Prime Video on Friday, May 3. The event is free for all Amazon Prime members based in the U.S. and Canada and begins at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

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