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Rising Australian UFC Star Steve Erceg Eyes Championship Glory at UFC 301

Steve Erceg
Black Belt Plus

Australian flyweight Steve Erceg has swiftly climbed the UFC rankings, moving from his debut to a title fight within just a year. As he prepares to face Alexandre Pantoja at UFC 301, the Perth native aims to join fellow Australians like Alexander Volkanovski in the ranks of UFC champions.

Get to know more about Erceg as he gears up for the biggest challenge of his career:

Journey to MMA

Erceg's interest in MMA sparked during his younger years as a WWE fan, admiring fighters like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. The transition to MMA began when Brock Lesnar moved to UFC, and Steve witnessed Frank Mir defeating the larger Lesnar by submission. This moment inspired Erceg to explore martial arts as he sought to understand the techniques that allowed smaller fighters to prevail.

Favorite Fighters and Inspirations

Erceg admires a variety of fighters, including Georges St-Pierre and José Aldo for their striking skills, especially in leg kicks. Outside the UFC, he looks up to boxing legends like Roy Jones Jr., Floyd Mayweather, and Muhammad Ali, along with kickboxing greats Ernesto Hoost and Ramon Dekkers. Currently, he draws significant inspiration from Alexander Volkanovski, noting his poise and skill in challenging fights.

Nickname Origin

Erceg's nickname "Astroboy" emerged casually during a brainstorming session, suggested because of a perceived resemblance to the character. Despite its spontaneous origin, the nickname has stuck with him in the fighting community.

Martial Arts Credentials and Preferred Techniques

Erceg holds a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. His favorite grappling technique is the guillotine, and his preferred striking method is the leg kick, reflecting his comprehensive combat skill set.

With UFC 301 slated for this weekend, Steve Erceg is focused on not just participating but leaving a lasting impact, hoping to secure his place as a UFC champion and continue Australia's legacy in the sport.

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