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Stellar Performances Highlight Road to UFC Season 3 Finale in Shanghai

Road to UFC Shanghai
Black Belt Plus

Road to UFC Season 3 concluded with a spectacular event at the UFC Performance Institute, showcasing a night filled with decisive victories and technical prowess across a series of thrilling bouts.

In the highly anticipated main event, Xie Bin triumphed over Yibugele with a dominant performance, securing a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 across the board. Xie Bin's control and technique were evident, setting a high standard for the evening.

Shi Ming faced a tough challenge from YeDam Seo but managed to edge out a victory by decision, scoring 29-28 on all judges' cards. The closely contested match highlighted both fighters' determination and skill, captivating fans with their strategic gameplay.

Masuto Kawana delivered a powerful performance against YoungJae Song, winning by unanimous decision. The judges scored the bout 30-26, 29-27, and 29-27, reflecting Kawana's near-total dominance throughout the fight.

In a decisive matchup, Dong Huaxiang proved his prowess by also securing a unanimous decision victory over Priya Sharma, with all judges agreeing on a 30-27 score. Huaxiang's comprehensive control over the bout was clear from start to finish.

Wang Cong achieved one of the night's most dramatic finishes, defeating Paula Luna by submission with a mounted guillotine at just over three minutes into the first round. This victory was a standout, demonstrating Cong's grappling expertise and quick finish.

Zhu Kangjie's encounter with Tatsuya Ando ended in Kangjie's favor as he won by unanimous decision, with scores reflecting his overwhelming control (30-26, 30-26, 30-25). His performance was among the most dominant of the evening.

Shin Haraguchi also secured a unanimous decision over JunYoung Hong, with scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 30-25. Haraguchi's consistency and tactical execution were on full display, earning him a well-deserved victory.

Feng Xiaocan's bout against Kiran Singh ended in dramatic fashion with a TKO victory due to strikes at just over two minutes into the first round. Xiaocan's power and precision left a lasting impression on the audience.

In a closely matched bout, Bahatebole Batebolati edged out Han Seul Kim by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28), showcasing resilience and strategic fighting from both competitors.

The evening also featured a split decision in favor of DongHun Choi over Jiniushiyue, with scores of 29-28. This match was among the most evenly matched, with each fighter showcasing their strengths.

Lastly, WonBin Ki closed his fight impressively against Tatsuya Saika with a TKO via strikes just 51 seconds into the second round, capping off the event with a spectacular finish.

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