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Top Online Platforms for Betting on Martial Arts

Betting and martial arts.

Martial arts has captivated audiences across the world for centuries. The adrenaline-pumping action and the strategic prowess of fighters have made martial arts events a popular choice for sports enthusiasts and bettors.

Thankfully, the rise of online betting platforms has made it easy for fans to wager on their favourite martial arts competitions. So, join us as we elaborate on the best online platforms to bet on martial arts events.

How Do We Select the Best MMA Betting Sites?

What makes a gambling platform the best? Is it bonuses like free spins for $1 or deposit bonuses up to the third deposit? Many factors come into play and below are some we considered when choosing the best MMA betting sites.

Betting Bonuses

A great betting platform prioritizes bonuses. These are like handouts that help players bump up their bankroll. Some of the best bonuses to keep an eye out for include:

● First deposit bonus

● Reload bonus

● Cashback bonus

● Loyalty bonus

Licence and Regulations

Martial arts betting in Canada is legal but regulated by the authorities to ensure players' safety. As such, it's essential that an

y gambling platform you use is licensed and complies with regulations requirements.

Betting Options

If you want to bet on martial arts, you can choose between several betting options. The more betting options a platform offers, the more exhilarating your experience will be.

Payment Methods

We also consider the different types of payment methods made available to players. The more vast the payment options are, the better.

Customer Support

A betting site with excellent customer support is also a part of giving customers a great experience. We look out for betting sites with customer support like live chat, email, and phone number contact.

Top Online Betting Platforms for MMA

You can use thousands of sportsbooks in Canada to bet on MMA. However, after much research, we narrowed the list to the top 5 online betting platforms for MMA:

  1. Betway Sports

  2. Bodog

  3. Betonline

  4. Casumo

  5. Sports Interaction

Betting and martial arts.

Categories of MMA Betting

Regarding MMA betting, not everyone competes in the same category. As such, it's essential to take note of the different categories of MMA betting before you start placing a bet. Below is a table showing the different categories of MMA fighters.


Weight Limit


52 kg


​57 kg


​61 kg


​66 kg


70 kg


77 kg


84 kg

Light heavyweight

93 kg


​102 kg


​120 kg

Super heavyweight

120+ kg


Summarily, betting on MMA is an exciting way to pass the time. But with several sportsbooks available, choosing a platform can be somewhat daunting. But with this guide, making a decision should be a lot easier. We took you through the decision-making process to make the process seamless if you choose to make a more personalized sportsbook.

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