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UFC Collaborates with Las Vegas Police and Fighting for the Future Foundation to Initiate Youth Mentoring Program in Las Vegas

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UFC, has announced a multi-year partnership with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), LVMPD Foundation, and Fighting for The Future Foundation. This collaboration will launch a youth mentoring program aimed at high-risk youths aged 12-17 across various Las Vegas schools.

The initiative will offer free after-school tutoring to student-athletes in the program, thanks to a collaboration with UNLV Boxing and the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, both of which are community partners with the LVMPD Foundation. Tutoring will be available five times a week at Fight Capital Gym.

Program participants will also benefit from three weekly MMA-based fitness classes at the renowned Fight Capital Gym. These classes will cover foundational disciplines of mixed martial arts such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, and Jiu-Jitsu.

The program is designed to foster skills in self-discipline and self-defense, providing access to experienced coaches and tutors in a secure, supportive environment. UFC President & CEO Dana White expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, highlighting the benefits of combining academic support with physical training to boost discipline and confidence among youths.

Additionally, the program will include periodic youth engagement events with local law enforcement, aimed at strengthening community ties and building trust within Clark County.

LVMPD Sheriff Kevin McMahill emphasized the preventative impact of the program, noting that active engagement in structured after-school activities reduces the likelihood of youth involvement in criminal activities. He praised mixed martial arts for promoting values such as discipline, integrity, and humility—qualities that align with law enforcement principles.

Research has shown that mixed martial arts can significantly enhance physical and mental health, improving cognitive function, muscle strength, coordination, flexibility, and self-awareness among young people.

The UFC Foundation, through its corporate social responsibility program, #UFCInTheCommunity, actively collaborates with partners, sponsors, and athletes to develop charitable initiatives that positively impact the community, focusing on youth, public service, equality, and support for those battling severe illnesses.

The pilot program will be hosted at Fight Capital Gym, with plans to expand to additional gyms across the Las Vegas Valley by 2025.

For more information or to register, visit FIGHTINGFORTHEFUTUREFOUNDATION

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