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Combat sports is a family affair for Youssef Boughanem: 'I have a great team that helps me suffer', opens up ahead of his fight at BRAVE CF 83

Muay Thai legend has been getting ready for his MMA return at BRAVE CF 83, this Saturday, with the help of his son Yousri and fellow world champion brother Yassine.

Youssef Boughanem
Black Belt Plus

Youssef Boughanem will step inside the BRAVE Combat Federation cage for the first time at BRAVE CF 83 in the Netherlands on May 25 when he takes on hometown favourite Anando Amoksi. for his much-anticipated return to mixed martial arts.

Having won almost all the titles in Kickboxing and Muay Thai, Youssef transitioned into Mixed Martial Arts earlier this year with a knockout victory in France and will have his second MMA fight when he fights Anando at BRAVE CF 83.

For Youssef, the journey to BRAVE CF 83 is more than just a professional milestone; it is intertwined with his personal life. His remarkable success in combat sports has not only transformed his own life but also significantly impacted his family.

Youssef began practising Muay Thai at a young age in Belgium. After the death of his parents, his ambition to achieve greatness drove him to leave Belgium. At 17, after securing second place in a tournament in the Netherlands, he used his prize money to buy a one-way ticket to Thailand with his younger brother, Yassine Boughanem. 

The early days in Thailand were challenging for the Boughanem brothers. Struggling to make ends meet, they faced adversity head-on. Their hard work paid off as Youssef's talent and determination led him to accumulate numerous titles, establishing a formidable career in Muay Thai.

Youssef's success has had a ripple effect on his family. Youssef’s younger brother Yassine followed in his footsteps to become a world champion in Muay Thai, competing in the heavyweight division. Just like his brother, Yassine has also transitioned into MMA. 

Additionally, Youssef's son, Yousri Boughanem, is also carving out a path in combat sports, following in his father's footsteps. Yousri's dedication to the sport is so profound that he will be in Youssef's corner at BRAVE CF 83. It is that team, with the help of coach Samart, that he hopes will lead him to victory. 

'I have a great team that helps me suffer', says Youssef.

Returning to the Netherlands, the place where he first earned the money to move to Thailand, Boughanem is now poised to start a new chapter in both his professional career and his family’s journey. 

BRAVE CF 83, held in association with Enfusion’s ECE MMA, will be the third event of the year 2024 for BRAVE Combat Federation and will mark the second event of BRAVE CF’s 2024 Europe tour. 

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