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All We Know About Michelle Yeoh's Kick-Ass New Series: "The Brothers Sun" (Trailer)

Updated: Jan 27

michelle yeoh the brothers sun

Michelle Yeoh in 'The Brothers Sun'.  Via Michael Desmond/NETFLIX

"Blood runs in the family"

Which is a perfect slogan for the fact that Michelle Yeoh's character leads a family of gangsters.

After the assassination of a formidable Taiwanese triad leader, the leader's oldest son Charles (played by Justin Chien), travels to Los Angeles to protect his mother, Eileen (Michelle Yeoh), and his innocent younger brother, Bruce (Sam Song Li).

As Taipei's deadliest societies engage in a power struggle with a rising faction, Charles and Bruce find themselves at the center of a conflict for dominance. In the midst of these challenges, they must unravel the true essence of brotherhood and family before someone threatens their existence.

Brad Falchuk, co-creator of the eight-episode series, recently said that the show examines “what it means to be a son, what it means to be a brother, and also what it means to try and keep a family together. We do an extreme version of it because they’re a crime family and there are people shooting at them and trying to kill them, but the problems they’re having internally, the emotional problems are very, very universal.”  

Streaming only on Netflix January 4th, 2024

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