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Black Belt Magazine School & Event Directory is Live! List your School and / or Event for FREE

black belt magazine directory

School owners, tournament organizers, and seminar hosts will now have access to their own directory and promotions section in Black Belt Magazine digital platforms via the Black Belt Magazine School and Event Directory

Black Belt Magazine Directory

Free School Listing 

Free for all legitimate martial arts schools, clubs, events, and organizations. Take advantage of this resource to amplify your presence and reach new heights in the martial arts world. 

black belt magazine directory

FREE Event Listing 

The Black Belt Magazine School and Event Directory is provided as a resource and showcase for your martial arts business and can be part of your marketing and promotion “as featured in Black Belt”.

black belt magazine directory

By simply registering your school or event with Black Belt Magazine you benefit with exposure to martial arts aficionados from every corner of the globe.

black belt magazine directory

As part of our innovative editorial strategy, selected schools listed in the directory will also be featured, showcasing their extraordinary expertise and achievements to the martial arts community. 

black belt magazine directory

This is one more step forward in Black Belts mission to have the most complete and inclusive coverage of all martial arts worldwide. 

Join the Black Belt Directory today. To register your school or event simply visit our website. 

For those seeking even greater visibility, premium placement options are available.

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