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Black Belt Super School List: John Chung Tae Kwon Do Leesburg, VA

Black Belt Magazine proudly showcases exceptional martial arts training programs from around the world. This featured list takes in mind excellence in training, facility and continued growth and achievement in martial arts by their instructors. 

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Perfection delivered! John Chung Tae Kwon Do - Leesburg, VA

John Chung
World forms champion rated #1 in the world, John Chung 
Black Belt Plus

Located just 49 minutes from the nation's capital in Leesburg, VA, John Chung Tae Kwon Do is the esteemed school of Black Belt Hall of Fame inductee and former number one forms champion, John Chung. Since the early 1980s, John has been dedicated to executing and teaching perfection in Tae Kwon Do. 

John Chung

John Chung began his journey in martial arts in 1984 when he opened his first school in Long Island, NY, with his brother Howard. 

In 1995, he expanded his reach by establishing the Northern Virginia School, where he continues to teach and reside today.

Rooted in the tradition handed down to him by his uncle, Jhoon Rhee, the Father of American Tae Kwon Do. He teaches the original Jhoon Rhee ITF system of Tae Kwon Do, while also incorporating elements of the WTF system, creating a comprehensive approach that encompasses the best of both worlds in Korean martial arts.

Jhoon Rhee
The late Jhoon Rhee, father of American Tae Kwon Do

Jeff Smith, who coached Chung in regional, national, and world tournaments, praised him, stating, "John had the cleanest technique of anyone on the National Circuit during his competition years! I still rate him as one of the top form competitors of all time."

The pursuit of perfection continues to drive Chung as he coaches his students, ensuring they uphold the same high standards that have defined his illustrious career.

Jeff Smith
US Team , Coach Jeff Smith

Today John Chung Tae Kwon Do operates five days a week, offering a rigorous program that emphasizes competition. Students are encouraged to compete on the open circuit at least four times a year, honing their skills and gaining valuable experience.

John Chung

Staffed by a dedicated team, including Chung’s wife, Yvette Vargas, a 7th-degree black belt with over 37 years of training experience. Together they blend traditional Tae Kwon Do with various weapons training, including bo, tonfa, sai, kama, nunchaku, and escrima. This open-minded approach to martial arts allows students to benefit from a diverse and enriching training experience.

John Chung

With 25 classes a week, John was ahead of his time in incorporating virtual teaching. Even before the pandemic, he offered online classes for nearly a decade. Today, students from Florida, New Jersey, and even Australia join virtually, benefiting from his innovative approach.

John Chung's teaching philosophy emphasizes hard work, tradition, and authentic training. "I think there is a market for hardworking, traditional, authentic training," says Chung. "Many people today seek a quick fix, getting a black belt fast and instant gratification, and that’s fine. But my average student takes 5-6 years to earn a black belt, which is longer than most. I believe this journey instills respect and honor for the process, viewing the belt as a symbol of their hard work rather than just a trophy. I still believe in tradition and the life skills martial arts bring—humility, respect, discipline. It's the reason our sign says TKD - Teaching Korean Discipline."

John Chung

John Chung Tae Kwon Do remains a beacon of excellence, blending tradition with modernity to create well-rounded martial artists prepared for both competition and life.

John Chung

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