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Can Ramazan Gitinov Crush His Rival's Protege for Ultimate Revenge? Find Out at BRAVE CF 82

Ramazan Gitinov

Black Belt Plus

In a pivotal matchup at BRAVE CF 82, undefeated professional MMA fighter Ramazan Gitinov is set to face Prince Lolia from the Democratic Republic of Congo. A former standout in the amateur ranks, Gitinov's illustrious career includes three IMMAF world championships, establishing him as one of the brightest prospects in professional mixed martial arts.

Ramazan Gitinov’s transition from amateur to professional has been nothing short of spectacular. During his amateur days, he dominated the scene with a 30-fight win streak, marked by technical prowess and strategic acumen, making him the top pound-for-pound fighter in the International MMA Federation rankings. His amateur achievements laid a solid foundation for his professional ascent, where he has continued to impress with each outing.

The upcoming fight with Lolia carries a deeper significance for Gitinov. It represents a chance to avenge one of his early amateur losses, which came against Eliezer Kubanza, Lolia’s teammate. Although a direct rematch with Kubanza is unlikely due to their diverging weight classes, facing Lolia provides Gitinov with an opportunity to symbolically conquer his past setback.

Behind the scenes, Kubanza played a crucial role in advocating for Lolia and another teammate, Mulumba, securing them contracts with BRAVE CF. This background adds layers of narrative to the upcoming bout, framing it as not just a contest of skills but also a dramatic showdown with personal and team pride at stake.

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