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Cynthia Rothrock Unveils 'Black Creek' Graphic Novel: A Cinematic Saga Expands into Comics

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Film action and Martial Arts icon Cynthia Rothrock is set to broaden the scope of her forthcoming movie, "Black Creek," by introducing an accompanying graphic novel through a crowd-funded IndieGoGo campaign at

Taking on the roles of producer, lead actor, and co-scriptwriter, Rothrock is eager to present this dark, western martial arts epic to audiences both in cinemas and as a graphic novel. The comic will adapt the film's plot, focusing on a formidable female gunslinger on a quest for vengeance against the merciless villain who decimated her family. Rothrock assures that the graphic novel will not only retell the movie's story but also surprise readers with new twists and deeper narrative layers.

Rothrock shares her excitement about the adaptation, saying, "Seeing 'Black Creek' evolve into a graphic novel is a dream come true. This venture is very close to my heart, and I'm excited for fans to engage with it in a novel format." She appreciates the fanbase's role in transitioning the tale from screen to print, highlighting their passion and commitment.

Furthermore, Rothrock is excited about offering fans a unique chance to join the 'Black Creek' universe. Through the IndieGoGo campaign, supporters can become part of the graphic novel's narrative, with opportunities to appear in the story or even on the cover alongside Rothrock, providing a unique way to immortalize them within this exciting saga.

To realize the graphic novel, Rothrock has teamed up with Marlin Shoop, an experienced illustrator known for his significant contributions to comics and entertainment. Shoop's talent for bringing stories to life makes him a perfect match for the project. Rothrock's collaboration also extends to Robert Clancy, the film's co-producer and writer, recognized for his innovative digital marketing strategies in notable projects like Guitar Hero III, Disney’s Spectrobes, and Activision’s Skylanders Swap Force.

Supported by its fans, the "Black Creek" graphic novel is poised to be a captivating extension of its cinematic counterpart. Rothrock aims to deepen the narrative experience, offering fans an immersive dive into the 'Black Creek' world and its intriguing characters. With growing enthusiasm for the IndieGoGo campaign, the project is set to enhance Rothrock’s reputation as a dynamic force in entertainment, production, and storytelling.

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