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GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix Draw | This Friday

GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix
Black Belt Plus

This Friday, May 17, the draw for the GLORY Light Heavyweight Grand Prix will take place live from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and will be available to stream on the official GLORY YouTube channel.

Eight of the best light heavyweight strikers on the planet will all go head-to-head in a thrilling one-night tournament on June 8 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to determine who is the baddest man in the division.

The draw will proceed as follows: All eight fighters will select a number at random. The number selection process will be determined by the official GLORY rankings with top ranked fighter selecting a random number first.  

The fighter who draws number one will then be placed in the first quarter-final of the night and, more importantly, will have the opportunity to challenge an opponent. The challenged fighter can then either accept or reject the fight.

If accepted, the fight is then set. If rejected, an opponent will then be chosen at random from all remaining fighters not matched at that point, including the fighter who opted to reject that fight.

The process is then repeated until all four quarter-finals are set.

The eight participants are:

GLORY champion, Tarik Khbabez (58-10-1, 28 KO), Morocco.

Former champion, Donegi Abena (27-10, 7 KO), Suriname.

Former champion, Sergej Maslobojev (38-6, 23 KO), Lithuania.

Undefeated in GLORY, Stefan Latescu (17-2, 8 KO), Romania.

‘Mister Cool’ Ibrahim El Bouni (41-9-1, 22 KO), Morocco.

The wild & unpredictable, Bahram Rajabzadeh (67-2, 59 KO), Azerbaijan.

Top French light heavyweight, Pascal Toure (20-6, 7 KO), France.

Veteran fighter, Bogdan Stoica (58-14, 40 KO), Romania.

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