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GLORY & RISE Announce Joint Featherweight League & Grand Prix

GLORY Kickboxing & RISE

Today at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, RISE and GLORY officials confirmed an extended partnership between the two leading organisations that will see fighters from the GLORY featherweight division compete in RISE throughout 2024 in a joint league.

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It was announced before the New year that the upcoming year in GLORY would focus on eight-man one-night Grand Prix events in the heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, and welterweight divisions, along with superfight events.

As a result, the featherweight division will move forward in this new joint league as well as occasional superfights in GLORY and will build up towards its own special GLORY x RISE Featherweight Grand Prix in Japan in December.

"Our collaboration with RISE has always been fruitful, and it's exciting to announce a fresh and unprecedented partnership," commented Robbie Timmers, GLORY Head of Sports. "This isn't just an extension of our previous agreements; it's a groundbreaking venture. Together, we're launching a new league that blends the strengths of both organizations. This innovative collaboration includes a unified global ranking system, showcasing the world's top fighters. Athletes will have the chance to compete in Japan with RISE, and also in special superfights in GLORY throughout 2024. This initiative promises to deliver extraordinary kickboxing events for fans worldwide, marking a new era in our sport."

“With this alliance, we're not just witnessing a new chapter in combat sports; we're setting the stage for the most exhilarating fights imaginable for the division,” said Maurice Hols, GLORY Executive Director. “The fans emerge as the ultimate winners in this never seen before collaboration, gaining access to a calibre of matches previously unseen. It is a revolution in the world of combat sports, where the best fighters are given the grandest stage and the fans the most thrilling experiences."

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With this collaboration, fans can expect to see the world’s top featherweights, which include Petch, Jan Kaffa, Abraham Vidales, Kento Haraguchi, Chad Collins, and Taiju Shiratori, all competing in the same league.

The first GLORY event of the New Year will be the GLORY Heavyweight Grand Prix on March 9 live from the GelreDome in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Eight of the best heavyweights on the planet, including the ‘King of Kickboxing’ Rico Verhoeven, will compete in a one-night tournament for $500,000.

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