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In Case You Missed It: JCVD's "The Bouncer"

The Bouncer
Black Belt Plus

With a critic score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, this is a movie with a legend that we can get behind.

Starring Jean Claude Van Damme  
Directed byJulien Leclercq

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Lukas, a resilient nightclub bouncer facing the challenge of raising his 8-year-old daughter alone. After a heated altercation with a patron lands him in jail and separates him from his daughter, Lukas is unexpectedly approached by Interpol. They offer him a chance to regain custody of his daughter in exchange for his cooperation in dismantling a Dutch crime ring based in Belgium.

What makes this especially watch-worthy is being able to still cheer on action stars decades into their careers. Finding roles that tell interesting stories for martial artists in their 60s is no easy feat. Allowing age to play into the role as a feature of it and not a bug (an asset and not just a liability) is not only worth watching, but worth rooting for.

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