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Kwon Won Il Focuses In On Fabricio Andrade After TKO Win At ONE Fight Night 18

Kwon Won Il at ONE Fight Night 18

Kwon Won Il made his presence known at ONE Fight Night 18. Not only because he picked up a pivotal win over Shinechagtga Zoltsetseg, but because he took advantage on the microphone.

After his TKO victory, "Pretty Boy" called out ONE Bantamweight MMA World Champion Fabricio Andrade. And that rematch is what is at the forefront of his mind in the wake of his win in Bangkok.

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"My next plan is on only one thing. Give me the title shot. I want Fabricio. I'm going to kill him, that's my plan," Kwon told ONE Championship after the event.

The performance showed Kwon's well-rounded abilities inside the ring, which was important to him after online criticism. Being able to flash some of his grappling was a bonus for the talented South Korean athlete.

"No, I just wanted to talk. Well, to be honest, yes. And a lot of people online have been commenting that my grappling skill is not as as advanced so I tried to show them at least once that I do have this skill," Kwon stated.

He will need that well-rounded arsenal to get the gold over his shoulder.

Kwon is driven by his loss to Andrade and is determined to even the score. As one of the most entertaining athletes regardless of division, Kwon believes the rematch will draw interest no matter where it takes place.

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"So the fight that I [might] have with Andrade, it will be much more entertaining and I highly believe that the ticket sales will be higher. And it will even be able to be sold in Korea as well," the 28-year-old claimed.

But Andrade was not the only man whom Kwon mentioned. The South Korean, who picked up his third straight win at the event, called his shot for a man who once shared the same nickname as him — Floyd Mayweather.

But it was not a serious call out. Kwon was being facetious with many other super fights happening around the industry. Still, if the opportunity ever presented itself, he would welcome competing against the legendary boxer.

"That was also just part of my joke, but obviously, if I get the chance, it would be my honor to fight him," Kwon remarked.

Whether it is Andrade, Mayweather, or anybody else, it is clear that "Pretty Boy" is ready to make 2024 his year. He kicked it off with a star-making showing and hopes a golden opportunity is his reward.

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