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Larry Lam (Pt. 1 Video): From Tom Cruise's Stunts to Succeeding as a Stunt Person

larry lam

Larry Lam, a martial artist and stunt coordinator, discusses his background in kung fu and transition to taekwondo. He shares his experiences working with Pat Johnson and the evolution of his career from stuntman to fight coordinator and stunt coordinator. Larry also talks about the impact of technology on the industry and his upcoming projects. In the House of Nine Dragons segment, Larry answers rapid-fire questions about his favorite martial arts action stars and A-list stars who can do great martial arts.

Larry Lam discusses his favorite martial arts movies, fantasy fights, and superpower skills in a conversation with George Chung. They cover topics such as the best old school and modern martial arts movies, choosing heroes for a zombie apocalypse, the most complicated martial arts fight in a movie, and casting the "Magnificent Seven of martial arts."

In these clips, Larry talks about how to succeed as a stunt person and his working experience with Tom Cruise (who perform his own stunts).

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