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Martial Artist Gets Taste of Real Monkey Kung Fu

Mount Emei, renowned as one of China's "martial mountains" and home to its own branch of kung fu , was the scene of an unusual fight last week as a martial artist took on some macaque monkeys. A man identified as Mr. Xie attempted to pet one of the animals as it sat on a guard rail along a mountain trail causing the monkey to lunge at him.

The scene was caught on film as Xie, who said he practices a "free fighting" style of martial arts, came back at the monkey with some punches but the creature showed superior defense easily avoiding his blows. Meanwhile, Xie's situational awareness could have been better as he failed to notice a second monkey that charged him from the rear and shoved him in the back. Xie continued to throw a haymaker punch and a hammerfist that both missed their mark.

Though he reportedly claimed he was holding back on the animals since they're a protected species, it appeared Xie simply couldn't deal with the macaques' superior skills. In other words, they made a monkey out of him.

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