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'Monkey Man' is Being Called "John Wick in Mumbai” and Everything Else We Know

Updated: Apr 10

Monkey Man

Black Belt Plus

Out in theaters today, Monkey Man looks like a wild ride!

Director: Dev Patel

Release Date: April 5, 2024

Jordan Peele didn't write or direct “Monkey Man,” but “Monkey Man” was reportedly set to hit Netflix, before Peele snatched it to release it in theaters under his Monkeypaw brand.

Monkey Man

Described as "John Wick in Mumbai," Monkey Man follows the journey of a man who participates in an underground fight club while donning a gorilla mask, embarking on a vengeful quest through Mumbai's underworld. This film also marks the debut of actor Dev Patel (known for The Green Knight and Slumdog Millionaire) as both writer and director, alongside his starring role. With significant buzz surrounding it, anticipation for this film is high, and audiences eagerly await its release.

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