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PART 6 (CLIPS): Undefeated 2-Time World Champion, Graciela Casillas on FMA, Self-Defense, and More

An undefeated boxer and kickboxer, Graciela Casillas is the first athlete male or female to hold 2 world championships in martial arts and boxing at the same time.

Long time advocate of self defense training for women, Graciela has expertise beyond the ring as a certified NRA weapons instructor, Kali FMA master, and one of the first and few women to graduate the ESI Executive Protection Program.

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Today she is one of the most sought-after martial arts and tactical trainers in the world teaching self-defense programs with stick, blade, gun and empty hand to civilian law enforcement and even military personnel around the world. She is also an adjunct professor at Oxnard College with two masters degrees.

Graciela sat down with Black Belt’s Tony Parrish to discuss real world self-defense and trailblazing in multiple styles:

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