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The Master's Way: Linda Denley

Updated: Feb 10

Linda Denley via Martial Arts History Museum
via Martial Arts History Museum

Considered the GOAT of women's sport karate, Linda Denley is an American karate champion who was born in Houston, Texas. She was rated number one in Sport Karate from 1973 to 1996. Her influence inspired a generation of women to compete in martial arts. 

She was still in high school when she qualified for the Olympics in five track and field events, but because of her professional winnings on the karate circuit, she was ineligible to compete in the Olympics. She graced the covers of numerous martial arts magazines and was featured in local newspaper articles and TV programs. She worked with Jackie Chan in Armour of God and with Chuck Norris in Sidekicks.

Black Belt Magazine's Tony Parrish interviews this icon in The Master's Way.

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