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The Ultimate Fighter Season 32 Ignites: Team Grasso vs. Team Shevchenko Begins June 4 on ESPN+

Team Grasso vs. Team Shevchenko
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The latest season of the UFC’s long-standing reality series, "The Ultimate Fighter," is set to captivate mixed martial arts fans worldwide starting June 4, 2024. This season, labeled "The Ultimate Fighter: Team Grasso vs. Team Shevchenko" and also known as TUF 32, airs on ESPN and ESPN+, featuring top-tier coaching from current UFC Flyweight Champion Alexa Grasso and formidable former champion Valentina Shevchenko.

In this Season 32 of The Ultimate Fighter, Team Grasso is helmed by the dynamic Alexa Grasso, whose recent victories in the octagon have propelled her to the pinnacle of the flyweight division. Her coaching style is anticipated to reflect her sharp, strategic approach to fighting, emphasizing agility and precision.

Opposing her is Valentina Shevchenko of Team Shevchenko, a celebrated fighter known for her versatility and strength across multiple martial arts disciplines. Her extensive experience in high-stakes fights is expected to offer her team an invaluable perspective on handling pressure and adversity.

This season will showcase the talents of male featherweights and middleweights. The featherweight roster includes Edwin Cooper Jr., known for his explosive power; Nathan Fletcher, a technical fighter with a keen tactical mind; and Zygimantas Ramaska, noted for his resilience and adaptability.

The middleweight group is equally impressive, featuring Omran Chaaban, who brings a high-octane fighting style; Shamidkhan Magomedov, renowned for his grappling prowess; and Robert Valentin, a well-rounded athlete with a reputation for fierce competitiveness.

Reflecting the global appeal of MMA, this season’s cast includes fighters from 14 different nationalities, adding a rich diversity of fighting styles and techniques. This international flavor not only enhances the competition but also broadens the show's appeal to a worldwide audience.

Filming for the season began in March 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, setting the stage for a series of intense battles and personal growth stories. As these 16 contestants face off under the guidance of Grasso and Shevchenko, viewers can expect a thrilling mix of drama, strategy, and elite fighting from the next generation of UFC stars.

Stay tuned for the premiere on June 4, as TUF 32 promises to be a season filled with compelling matchups and the continuous evolution of MMA’s promising athletes.

Here is the complete list of Fighters for TUF Season 32


Edwin Cooper Jr.

Nathan Fletcher

Zygimantas Ramaska

Roedie Roets

Bekhzod Usmonov

Guillermo Torres

Kaan Ofli

Mairon Santos


Omran Chaaban

Shamidkhan Magomedov

Robert Valentin

Mark Hulme

Ryan Loder

Giannis Bachar

Thomas Theocharis

Paddy Mccorry

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