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Top 6 Ninja Movies to Stream!

Updated: Feb 7

ninja movies

Shadows. Revenge. Honor. Stealth. 

Ninja movies are characterized by their intense and skillfully choreographed portrayals of ninja warriors. These films often revolve around the mystique of ninjutsu, showcasing the legendary and stealthy Japanese warriors who excel in espionage, sabotage, and deadly combat. Ninja movies combine elements of traditional martial arts with thrilling acrobatics, shuriken throwing, and swordplay, creating a captivating blend of physical prowess and strategic warfare.

Here are some of our top ninja movies that you can stream today.

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Enter the Ninja

Starring: Sho Kosugi

Streaming: Prime Video

Of course we will start with this film! "Enter the Ninja" is a classic martial arts film that unfolds an electrifying story of honor, betrayal, and martial prowess. The plot revolves around an American martial artist named Cole, who travels to the Philippines to visit an old war buddy. However, upon his arrival, he discovers a local estate under threat from a ruthless businessman and his deadly ninja henchman. To protect the innocent, Cole immerses himself in the ancient art of Ninjutsu under the guidance of a wise mentor. As tensions escalate, Cole becomes a formidable force against the oppressive villainy, engaging in intense martial arts battles and showcasing his mastery of ninja techniques. Packed with thrilling fight sequences, a riveting narrative, and a clash of cultures, "Enter the Ninja" stands as a quintessential entry in the martial arts genre, capturing the essence of honor and skill in a high-stakes showdown.

Revenge of the Ninja

Starring: Sho Kosugi

And, of course, we’d follow up with this one. "Revenge of the Ninja" is a gripping martial arts film that thrusts viewers into a world of intense action and vengeance. The story centers around Cho Osaki, a Japanese ninja who, after witnessing the brutal murder of his family by a group of criminals, seeks refuge in the United States. Attempting to leave his violent past behind, Cho establishes a new life as an art dealer. However, when his peaceful existence is shattered by a nefarious drug cartel operating under the guise of a legitimate business, Cho is forced to unleash his deadly ninja skills to avenge his loved ones and protect his new family. Packed with adrenaline-pumping fight sequences, ninja mystique, and a riveting narrative of justice, "Revenge of the Ninja" delivers a thrilling cinematic experience that explores the enduring themes of honor and retribution in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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New York Ninja 

Starring: Jon Liu

Streaming: Hulu 

"New York Ninja" is an action-packed film that follows the gripping tale of a mysterious vigilante in the heart of New York City. When a wave of crime and corruption threatens the city's safety, the titular hero emerges from the shadows to restore justice. Armed with martial arts prowess and a commitment to protecting the innocent, the New York Ninja takes on a criminal underworld that has plunged the city into chaos. As the masked avenger navigates through the gritty urban landscape, uncovering dark secrets and facing formidable adversaries, the film weaves a compelling narrative of vengeance, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of justice. With dynamic fight sequences, suspenseful storytelling, and an iconic protagonist, "New York Ninja" delivers an exhilarating cinematic experience.

Ninja in the Dragon’s Den

Starring: Corey Yuen

Streaming: Prime Video 

"Ninja in the Dragon's Den" is an exhilarating martial arts film that seamlessly blends action, humor, and riveting choreography. The story revolves around a skilled ninja named Goro, who finds himself in a precarious situation when he is challenged by a powerful Chinese kung fu master named Chen. Goro, armed with his ninja techniques, enters Chen's domain, the Dragon's Den, for a face-off that transcends martial arts styles and cultural boundaries. The film showcases a unique fusion of Japanese and Chinese martial arts traditions as Goro navigates through a series of intense and visually stunning combat sequences. With a mix of thrilling fight scenes, cultural clashes, and a touch of humor, "Ninja in the Dragon's Den" stands as a dynamic and entertaining entry in the martial arts genre, appealing to fans of both ninja and kung fu cinema.

Ninja (2009)

Starring: Scott Adkins

Streaming: Prime Video 

The 2009 film "Ninja" follows the story of Casey Bowman, played by Scott Adkins, an American martial artist who trains in the ancient art of Ninjutsu in Japan. After his sensei and wife are brutally murdered by a ruthless and powerful criminal syndicate, Casey embarks on a quest for revenge. Armed with his ninja skills, Casey infiltrates the criminal underworld, facing a series of deadly adversaries and navigating a web of intrigue. As he seeks justice for the heinous acts committed against his loved ones, Casey discovers the true extent of the criminal empire's reach. "Ninja" delivers intense and well-choreographed martial arts sequences, blending traditional ninja techniques with modern action elements, creating a captivating narrative of vengeance and skillful combat.

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Shogun Assassin

Starring: Tomisaburō Wakayama,

Streaming: Roku  and Prime Video

"Shogun Assassin" is a cult classic martial arts film that follows the journey of an exceptional samurai warrior, portrayed by Tomisaburō Wakayama, who becomes an assassin for the Shogun. Betrayed by his own Shogun and left for dead, he embarks on a vengeful quest with his young son, Daigoro, by his side. The duo, now master and child, navigate a perilous path filled with relentless adversaries and confrontations. Armed with a lethal sword and accompanied by his son's baby cart rigged with concealed weapons, the lone wolf assassin, known as Lone Wolf, leaves a trail of epic battles and vengeance. "Shogun Assassin" is renowned for its stylized violence, atmospheric cinematography, and a compelling narrative that combines elements of samurai folklore with a father-son tale of survival and retribution.

Five Elements Ninjas

Starring: Tien-Chi Cheng

Streaming: Roku and Prime Video

"Five Elements Ninjas," directed by Chang Cheh, is a martial arts masterpiece that unfolds against the backdrop of ancient China. The film revolves around a martial arts school that faces annihilation at the hands of a rival Japanese ninja clan. After suffering a devastating defeat, the surviving Chinese students seek refuge with a wise and skilled martial arts master. In a quest for revenge and redemption, the master trains his disciples in the mystical arts of the five elements—gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Armed with their newfound skills, the Chinese warriors engage in a series of intense battles against the formidable Japanese ninjas, each representing one of the elements. "Five Elements Ninjas" stands out for its mesmerizing choreography, innovative use of elemental themes, and a riveting tale of honor and resilience in the face of overwhelming odds.

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