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UFC's Knockout King Returns! Derrick Lewis Drops Major Reveals Before UFC St. Louis

Derrick Lewis
Black Belt Plus

As the excitement builds for Saturday night's epic showdown at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, all eyes will be on one of UFC's biggest stars, Derrick Lewis, as he makes his grand entrance to the rhythm of Fat Pat’s “Tops Drop.” This isn’t just any walkout song—it’s an anthem within the MMA community, charged with emotion and history, resonating deeply with Lewis.

Speaking with heartfelt reverence, Lewis shares the significance of his iconic walkout track, originally by the late Fat Pat, a rapper whose life was tragically cut short. The song, a staple since Lewis moved to Houston in 1998, symbolizes more than just his personal journey—it’s a tribute that he believes would make Fat Pat’s family proud.

With an impressive career spanning over a decade, Derrick Lewis, known as "The Black Beast," is ready to make his 29th walk to the UFC Octagon this weekend, facing Rodrigo Nascimento. Surprisingly humble, Lewis reacts with genuine surprise upon realizing just how many fights he's had, standing as one of the most seasoned heavyweights in UFC history, second only to Andrei Arlovski.

Despite his tough exterior and a history of overcoming significant personal and legal challenges, Lewis remains a reluctant star. He's carved a path in MMA not for fame, but to provide for his family, turning his life around from its troubled beginnings to achieving unprecedented success in the sport.

As he opens up about the pressures of fighting and his preference for less high-profile events, Lewis hints at a possible surprise for fans this weekend—a testament to his relaxed approach when the spotlight isn’t as intense. Beyond the fight, Lewis's transformation is evident in his lifestyle changes, swapping root beer for sparkling water, signaling a fighter who’s not only ready for his next battle but also in the best shape of his life.

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