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Event of the Week: US Open

Updated: 7 days ago

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This week we feature the biggest open martial arts tournament in America.

The US Open

Entering its 40th year the tournament has become one of the most influential and prestigious tournaments to win with categories that include forms fighting and even breaking each year the event is seen worldwide on networks like ESPN. 

US Open Winners

The US Open is different from other events in that it encompasses all open martial arts styles and types of competition, including Sport, MMA, Grappling, Breaking, and has been the leader in expanding basic martial arts competition to include fight choreography, multiple synchronised team traditional and open-style forms and weapons, demonstration teams, multiple light-contact styles of sparring, including point, clash, and continuous, and much more.

justin cuellar

Black Belt Plus

The Open has also been the leader in separating amateur-level competitors from those black belts with truly world-level professional skills. This is in the anticipation of the launch of the World Pro Sport Karate League and Tours.

devon hopper

This leadership in the organization of the sport’s infrastructure is what is helping drive both competitor participation and interest in the immense worldwide general sports media.

The most exciting of the types of competition that we highlight at the US Open for worldwide television coverage includes the Professional Divisions in Men’s Weapons, Women’s Weapons, Synchronized Forms and Weapons, Demonstration Teams, and Team Sparring. These marquee divisions are followed

closely by Open Weight Sparring, and Men’s and Women’s Traditional and Open Individual Forms.

Esteban Tremblay World Champion
Black Belt Plus

The up-and-coming Junior and Youth divisions are packed with talent such as we have never seen in our under-18 divisions. Future SuperStars like Pia Flores Rodrigues, Phillip Brumme, Luca Ricotti, and too many to list are the future Super Champions of our sport, capable of skills and innovations that yesterday's practitioners could only dream of, and the Champions of yesteryear would never have believed possible.

Sofia Rodriguez World Champion

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