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Get into Fighting Shape with iHerb and Black Belt’s Wellness & Performance Store

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Black Belt Magazine is proud to announce our Wellness & Performance Store powered by iHerb, the store will focus on helping you achieve balance and get into fighting shape!

With our unique martial arts audience in mind, the store has been intentionally curated by top experts in the field of medicine, health, and fitness along with key insights from former professional athletes and martial arts champions.

iHerb and Black Belt Magazine

Martial artists require specific training and skills different from any other athletes and the products are specially intended to optimize performance, endurance, strength, speed, and above all mental focus.

Powered by i-Herb, products will be available via the online store and can be shipped to 180 countries. The partnership guarantees our martial arts community the highest quality product and customer service.

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