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In Case You Missed it: Netflix’s ‘Sixty Minutes’ Mixes Crime with European MMA Action (Trailer)

60 minutes netflix
Black Belt Plus

John Wick meets European MMA? We’re in! In case you missed it, this German-language Netflix film is giving audiences a fast-paced, stylized, action film in the vein of John Wick and Ballerina.

Here’s the plot: MMA fighter Octavio (Emilio Sakraya) has 60 minutes to make it to the birthday party of his daughter -- otherwise he risks losing custody forever. But when he ditches a fight in order to get there, he finds himself on the run from dangerous criminals, in a race against time across the city.

60 minutes netflix

Don’t let the dubbing or subtitles deter you, with enough action and visual storytelling, the movie punches at all the right times with a dynamic lead who you’re rooting for!

Check out Sixty Minutes on Netflix: the trailer or watch now on Netflix worldwide:

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