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Most Difficult Kicks to Master in Martial Arts

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Every martial artist remembers a time when they witnessed a kick so masterful that it inspired them to train even more. Whether it was a famous martial artist, someone on TV, or at your local dojo, mastering difficult kicks that you saw someone else perform first have kept martial artists focused and goal-oriented for as long as martial arts have been around. We are listing the most difficult common kicks in martial arts, along with their challenges and techniques.

Spinning Hook Kick: The spinning hook kick requires excellent timing, balance, and coordination. It involves spinning 360 degrees while executing a hook kick with the rear leg. The challenge lies in maintaining control during the spin and accurately striking the target with the kicking leg. Proper hip rotation and precise timing are essential to generate power and accuracy.

Flying Side Kick: The flying side kick is a spectacular and challenging technique that requires exceptional athleticism and coordination. It involves jumping into the air and extending the leg sideways to deliver a powerful kick. The difficulty lies in maintaining balance and control while airborne and accurately striking the target with speed and force.

Axe Kick: The axe kick is a high-risk, high-reward technique commonly used in taekwondo. It involves raising the leg high in the air and driving the heel downward to strike the target vertically. This kick requires extreme flexibility, balance, and precise timing to generate maximum impact and avoid injury.

Crescent Kick: The crescent kick is a versatile and difficult technique seen in various martial arts styles. It involves a sweeping motion of the leg in an arcing trajectory to strike the target with the blade of the foot. The challenge lies in maintaining balance and control while executing the circular motion and accurately hitting the desired target.

540 Kick: The 540 kick is an advanced spinning kick that requires exceptional athleticism, agility, and timing. It involves a 540-degree spin in the air while executing a mid-air kick with the kicking leg. This kick demands a combination of precise footwork, body control, and aerial awareness to execute effectively.

Jumping Roundhouse Kick: The jumping roundhouse kick combines power, speed, and agility. It involves jumping off one leg and executing a roundhouse kick in mid-air with the other leg. The difficulty lies in coordinating the jumping motion, maintaining balance, and generating power while airborne.

Switch Kick: The switch kick, also known as the switch roundhouse kick, is a deceptive technique used to surprise opponents. It involves quickly switching the stance and kicking with the rear leg. The challenge lies in seamlessly transitioning from one stance to another while maintaining balance and speed, making it difficult for the opponent to anticipate the kick.

Flying Scissor Kick: The flying scissor kick is a dynamic and acrobatic technique commonly used in martial arts demonstrations. It involves leaping into the air, extending both legs in a scissor-like motion, and striking the target with one leg. This kick requires tremendous coordination, timing, and flexibility.

Spinning Crescent Kick: The spinning crescent kick combines the spinning and crescent kick techniques. It involves rotating the body while executing a crescent kick with the rear leg. The difficulty lies in maintaining balance during the spin and precisely striking the target with the blade of the foot.

Jumping Back Kick: The jumping back kick is a powerful technique that requires explosive force and accuracy. It involves jumping backwards and striking the target with the heel of the kicking leg. This kick demands excellent timing, coordination, and control to generate sufficient power and hit the target effectively.

Did we miss any? Mastering these can take years of practice, flexibility training, and technique. Remember, it's important (and usually more efficient) to learn these kicks under the guidance of a qualified instructor to ensure proper form, prevent injuries, and progress safely.

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