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Nico Carrillo Believes Best Is Yet To Come After ONE Fight Night 23 Win

Nico Carrillo
Black Belt Plus

Nico Carrillo crushed Saemapetch Fairtex at ONE Fight Night 23 to firmly supplant himself as the undisputed #1-ranked contender in the ONE Championship bantamweight Muay Thai division.

“The King of the North” stopped Saemapetch with three knockdowns during their co-main event collision and then made sure the world knew he was next in line for a shot at the sport’s biggest prize.

After the event, Carrillo was elated with extending his streak over another top name in the sport.

“I’m on cloud nine. I’m very happy with my performance. And yeah, another Thai legend added to the list. Not many people can say they’ve done what I’m doing,” Carrillo admitted to ONE.

Carrillo was completely confident he would earn the finish, but getting the finish took a little time to surmise in the ring.

The Scot admitted he had to adjust to what his Thai opponent was doing, but once he figured out the movement, the ending was inevitable.

“I wasn’t surprised [by his durability]. I think he had a bit of a weird tactic. He was ducking his head when I was coming in close, and I had to readjust to that because it was taking the power out of my shots. That was a bit strange. But after I readjusted, yeah, I knew he wouldn’t be able to take the shots,” the Scot said.

As Carrillo continues to climb within the division and as a global superstar, many think he is entering his prime. The 25-year-old does not share that opinion.

He offered that this is only the beginning of him climbing toward the peak of the mountain for what is possible.

“I’m still improving, even in this fight camp alone. I’m a new fighter compared to seven months ago when I fought Nong-O. That shows how much I’m improving in the space of one fight camp,” Carrillo stated.


“I’ve improved so much, and I don’t believe I’m in my prime yet. I don’t think I’ll be at my prime until I’m like 27, 28. You should still see the best of Nico [to come]. I’m like a fine wine.”

At ONE 168: Denver, Jonathan Haggerty will defend the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title against Superlek Kiatmoo9. Whoever wins, Carrillo will be waiting to challenge.

The Scot did not make a prediction but did share his preference for who he would like to square off against for his first attempt at ONE gold.

“I’m not sure [who’ll win that fight], but I would prefer to fight Haggerty. Not because he’s better or anything. I would just like to be the one to take the belt from him,” Carrillo admitted.

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