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Photographer Shows What Bruce Lee Would Look Like Now

Bruce Lee

When Bruce Lee died back in 1973 he was just 32-years-old. Martial arts fans have often wondered just what he'd have been like if he'd lived into his later years.

How would his martial arts have developed?

What kind of movies would he have done?

What would he have thought of the UFC?

While we'll never know the answer to most of those questions, now we may at least know what Lee would have looked like if he'd lived into his later years. Turkish photographer Alper Yesiltas has made use of AI technology in his project "As If Nothing Happened" to provide renditions of what famous icons who died young might look like in the present day if they had lived. Along with musical figures like Jimi Hendrix and Tupac Shakur, actor Heath Ledger and Britain's Princess Diana, Yesiltas provides a fascinating glimpse of how a now 81-year-old Lee might appear.

Bruce Lee in Ai

This classic article has been republished to delight our readers once again.

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