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Random Thoughts With Rickson Gracie

Updated: Apr 2

rickson gracie


Rickson Gracie is widely regarded as the best of the best in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but he’s so much more than that. He’s a Warrior, a philosopher, a thinker, an inspiration, and a role Model. Which is why we’re presenting these glimpses of The man that not many black belt readers have seen.

The Water

“Whether it’s the ocean or a river, I always have to be on the water. Coming from Brazil, I’ve always been exposed to the ocean. I’ve been at the beach and surfing all my life. The most valuable thing I get from the ocean is at the energetic level. I truly believe we’re affected by the energy — maybe it’s the electromagnetic field. It’s not something we can sense at the physical or mental level; it’s at the energy level. Exposure to this makes me feel like my energy level is balanced. If I need more energy, I feel like I can get it at the ocean. If I feel stressed, I go there to relax. The feeling of equilibrium is beautiful.”

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