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Black Belt Super School of the Week - Honoring a Legacy: TKD-Ameris New Kensington PA

Updated: May 25

TKD-Ameris New Kensington PA School
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Honoring a Legacy: TKD-Ameris New Kensington PA

Philip Ameris with his teacher Hee Il Cho
GrandMaster Philip Ameris with his teacher the legendary GrandMaster Hee Il Cho circa 1980’s

Located about an hour from Pittsburgh, TKD-Ameris is celebrating its 47th year of operation. Founded in 1977 by a then 15-year-old Philip Ameris, this Pennsylvania institution has flourished over the decades. As a family-run business, TKD-Ameris stands as a cornerstone of New Kensington with a dedicated student body of nearly 200 active members, it weathered the pandemic, demonstrating resilience and community spirit.

TKD-Ameris New Kensington PA

This family-run operation includes the husband-and-wife team of 9th-degree Grandmaster Philip and his 6th-degree wife, Jeanne who runs day to day operations as the program director and two sons Phillip 4th degree black belt and Jimmy 1st degree black belt, a true family run operation.

Jeanne Ameris
Jeanne Ameris Program Director and 6th Degree Black Belt

TKD-Ameris offers classes six days a week and features three large training areas, a complete weight room, private lesson rooms, multiple classes running simultaneously, morning and evening offerings, and classes for seniors. Innovative programs created by Phillip Jr. also include the Fit 2 Fight program a 12 week training camp blending authentic kickboxing & progressive strength training. 

TKD-Ameris New Kensington PA
TKD-Ameris New Kensington PA

The school provides training in traditional Tae Kwon Do classes, honoring the system created by Grandmaster Hee Il Cho. “I embraced the hardcore traditional training under Grandmaster Cho," Ameris reflects, "which included innovative cross-training elements such as boxing, alongside a strict Tae Kwon Do curriculum. “Grandmaster Cho firmly believed in the benefits of incorporating boxing techniques to enhance the Taekwondo system." Today, I am proud that my son has been able to innovate my teaching methods and create his own successful program, Fit 2 Fight. He has elevated his knowledge to a new level, incorporating fitness training and even extending his expertise to training professional MMA fighters like Cody Law.

That philosophy remains integral to our approach to martial arts training today," says Ameris. This blended methodology has cultivated a dedicated student body, with Ameris attributing this enduring success to the robust foundation laid by his remarkable teachers.

Master Ameris Training
Master Ameris guest visits at his teacher’s academy located in Honolulu Hawaii.

Black Belt publisher George Chung was recently quoted saying, "I had the honor of training alongside Philip over 40 years ago. Without a doubt, he is one of the most talented Black Belts I have ever seen, both in execution of technique and his ability to apply these skills expertly in full-contact fighting. He embodied the Cho style of training naturally. His physical skill was matched only by his passion for the humility and respect he consistently demonstrated for the art."

Ameris School Old Photo

Chung added. "I am very proud to know Philip.  His approach to teaching martial arts by embracing the traditions of his teacher, gives me great confidence that martial arts will thrive for generations to come."

Philip Ameris

Philip Ameris Grandmaster and owner operator of TKD-Ameris is also President, Business Manager at Laborers District Council of Western Pennsylvania representing over 27,000 laborers in the Great Commonwealth State.

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