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Chuck Norris Secrets and Tips to Anti-Aging

Chuck Norris Smiling

Do you want to have the longevity of Chuck Norris or a dinosaur? I choose Chuck Norris because he is 81 and in fantastic shape. Dinosaurs only lived about 30 years; they just were here millions of years ago. However, similar to Chuck Norris, the herbivore dinosaur lived much longer at about 70 years. So, maybe we are on to something. First, however, let's learn the incredible secrets of Chuck Norris so you too can improve your longevity, healthy, and be spy like Chuck.

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Chuck Norris Fitness

Faithfully, Chuck workouts out on his Total Gym 4 days a week. He loves it because he uses leverage, cables, and his body weight through movement. However, the Total Gym and his martial arts training help his body feel and stay young.

Three days a week, Chuck spends about 20 minutes on his Total Gym. After his strength workout, he either does the elliptical machine for about 30-40 minutes or will go for a two-mile brisk walk, depending on how he feels and what he wants to do. The final few things he does after his cardio are his abdominals and stretching. The other three days, he trains martial arts. He works with a mixture of slow and fast movements.

Chuck also heads off to the pool after martial arts training. He likes it because it is low impact resistance in the water. It also gives him a great cardio workout. Furthermore, the water is an excellent source for physical recovery.

Chuck recommends exercising four times a week for at least 20-30 minutes. It serves as one key to increasing longevity and preventing aging. For example, if you have been exercising since a child until the age of 40 and up, you can knock off 20-30 years of aging. So, if you are 60, you will feel 30-40 years old. And if you are 81 like Chuck Norris, you will feel 50-60 years old.

Chuck's Nutrition

Nutrition is the second important factor when it comes to anti-aging. Chuck says he eats lots of whole foods and organic food. He says, it is a bit more expensive, but you have to look at it as a life investment. You will feel better, have good energy, and decrease your risk of disease.


Chuck says breakfast is the most important meal of his day. It boosts his metabolism and energy. Chuck eats protein with whole grains in the morning. A sample breakfast he has is egg whites with tomatoes, onions with whole wheat bread. Sometimes it is oatmeal with raisins and bananas. Or a protein drink blended with cranberry and orange juice, banana, nectarine, or peach, with protein powder and ice in a blender. You can’t skip breakfast. Sometimes Chuck channels the spirit of Elvis and has a peanut butter and banana sandwich on grain bread.


For lunch, Chuck eats turkey or fish with vegetables. He stopped eating red meat, processed oils, and fat some time ago. As an alternative sandwich for lunch, he uses avocado. Avocado sandwiches are delicious on whole grain bread. You can even add turkey to avocado sandwich too.


For dinner, he eats no later than 6PM. Also, he avoids carbs in the evening time. By doing this, it helps maintain his weight. It also helps him sleep and feel better the following day. Eating late after ten will make you tired and sluggish the next day. But the time to stop eating is different for everyone.

Chuck eats a lot of green vegetables with baked skinless chicken breast or salmon that is free-range, with red baked potato or brown rice.

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Chuck's Recommendations

Sugar is a no-no. Instead, use sugar in the raw or stevia.

Drink lots of water. Carry a bottle everywhere you go.

Keep fresh fruit and vegetables available for snacks.

Chuck used to eat whatever he wanted in his 20’s, however, his nutrition matured in his mid 30’s. When he was younger, he used to eat pancakes, steak and burgers etc. Now eating these things makes him feel sluggish. When he hit his mid-30s, he saw his metabolism change and slow down, even from doing super hard workouts. This was the point when Chuck needed to rethink his eating habits.

This is important when it comes to aging and longevity. You have to adapt to how you feel. When you adapt, it is like shifting your energy into high gear. The body changes, and if you change your nutrition accordingly, listing to your body, then you will feel young.

Getting older does require nutritional sacrifices and changes to feel and stay young. I went through similar things. For example, I stopped eating late at night and felt better in the morning; even if I did not sleep so well. Furthermore, having one alcoholic drink became difficult. I started to get headaches and it made me really slow the next day. So, I cut it all out.

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It is hard in the beginning to change your nutrition. But time after time and day after day when you are feeling tired, you will wake up and tell yourself to change. Like Chuck says, it has to become a habit. Feeling tired day in and day out should be enough to make that habit easy.

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