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BRAVE CF 79: A Night of Intense MMA Battles in Bahrain: Highlighting Hadbi vs. Naurdiev

The event starts at 6 PM Bahrain Local Time [GMT +3]

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On December 8th, 2023, the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) will be laser-focused on the Khalifa Sports City in Bahrain, as BRAVE Combat Federation unfolds its 79th event, a spectacle promising high-octane action and skillful combat.

At the heart of this adrenaline-pumping event are two highly anticipated matchups: the main event featuring Tahar Hadbi against Ismail Naurdiev in a welterweight showdown, and the co-main event where heavyweights Pavel Dailidko and Janos Csukas will clash in a bout that's sure to bring fans to the edge of their seats.

Main Event: Welterweight Showdown - Tahar Hadbi vs. Ismail Naurdiev

In what is poised to be a riveting welterweight bout, Tahar Hadbi takes on Ismail Naurdiev. Both fighters come with impressive records and a knack for delivering memorable performances. Hadbi, known for his striking prowess and tactical acumen, faces Naurdiev, a fighter with a well-rounded skill set and a reputation for being a formidable opponent in the cage. This main event not only promises to be a strategic and physical battle but also a test of wills between two top-tier athletes in the welterweight division.

Co-Main Event: Heavyweight Collision - Pavel Dailidko vs. Janos Csukas

In the co-main event, the heavyweight division gets its spotlight with Pavel Dailidko facing off against Janos Csukas. Dailidko, whose power and agility have made him a feared competitor, will match up against Csukas, known for his endurance and technical proficiency. This heavyweight battle is expected to be a display of sheer strength and determination, as both fighters aim to prove their dominance in one of MMA's most exciting weight classes.

The Undercard:

A Roster of Thrilling Bouts Aside from the headlining fights, BRAVE CF 79 boasts an undercard filled with talent and potential show-stealers.

  • In a welterweight bout, Eliezer Kubanza will face Adel Ibrahim, promising a clash of styles and determination.

  • Khamzat Maaev and Nika Kupravishvili will also compete in the welterweight division, each bringing a unique set of skills to the cage.

  • The lightweight division will see action with Ramazan Gitinov taking on Ulukbek Ikashev, a bout that's expected to be a tactical and fast-paced encounter.

  • In the light heavyweight category, Rasul Magomedov will go head-to-head with Farshedi Shamsidin, a matchup that will test the skill and resilience of both fighters.

  • Rounding off the card, Mohammadseifi Mohsen faces David Forster in a lightweight bout that could easily be one of the night's most electrifying fights.

MA Drills

A Night of Unforgettable MMA Action BRAVE CF 79 is set to be a memorable event in the world of MMA. With a lineup that balances seasoned veterans and rising stars, the event at Khalifa Sports City is more than just a series of fights; it's a showcase of martial arts skill, athlete endurance, and the unyielding spirit of competition.

Fans worldwide can expect a night filled with suspense, drama, and athletic excellence. As the fighters prepare for battle and fans anticipate the clashes, one thing is certain: BRAVE CF 79 will be an event talked about long after the final bell rings.

Watch the event on Youtube and BRAVE TV.

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