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Brendan Allen Emphasizes Self-Belief and Mental Strength Ahead of Upcoming Main Event at UFC

Brendan Allen

Black Belt Plus

As he prepares for his second consecutive headline fight, UFC middleweight sensation Brendan Allen shared insights into the mental and physical preparations propelling his impressive win streak. Ahead of his much-anticipated bout against Paul Craig last November, Allen's philosophy was clear: "I just need to be myself. That’s enough to succeed.”

This mindset was evident when Allen, hailing from Louisiana, showcased a dominating performance in the Octagon, culminating in a victory by rear-naked choke in the third round.

Allen credits his success to a positive internal dialogue, especially when faced with adversity. "Speaking to myself as a friend rather than being overly critical has been crucial," he explained, highlighting the importance of mental fortitude in his preparation for his upcoming fight against Chris Curtis this Saturday.

With Marvin Vettori originally slated as his opponent, Allen now faces Curtis, who steps in on short notice. Despite this change, Allen's focus remains unwavering. He views each fight as an opportunity to evolve, likening mental preparation to the physical training in jiu-jitsu or wrestling. "It’s all about adapting and overcoming whatever life throws at me," Allen stated.

The unpredictability of fight week and the unique challenges posed by each opponent test a fighter's resilience. Allen, however, has learned to navigate these uncertainties, using them as fuel to sharpen his focus and determination. "The key is not to overthink and to avoid dwelling on negatives," he shared.

Allen's goal is to translate the dedication and skill honed at Kill Cliff FC in South Florida into success in the Octagon. Reflecting on past experiences, he acknowledges the importance of bringing his best self to each fight. "If I can do that, I believe I can beat anyone," Allen confidently declared.

The upcoming match against Curtis isn't just a fight; it's an opportunity for Allen to demonstrate his growth and technical prowess since their last encounter in December 2021. "It's not about settling scores. It’s about showcasing the best version of myself," Allen emphasized.

Despite the lower stakes in rankings against Curtis compared to Vettori, Allen's focus is on delivering a performance that highlights his skills and determination. He remains unfazed by the potential risks, concentrating solely on his performance. "My goal is to remain focused and execute my game plan flawlessly," Allen concluded, ready to face whatever challenges come his way in the Octagon.

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