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Coming Back from a Painful Low Blow Incident, Victor Henry is back in the Octagon this Saturday, April 27 against Rani Yahya.

Victor Henry in Pain at UFC 294

Black Belt Plus

Sometimes, the fight game delivers unexpected and painful twists.

Victor Henry experienced this firsthand during his UFC 294 bout against Javid Basharat, where an accidental groin kick in the second round caused him severe pain, leading to the match being declared a no contest.

Despite the intense discomfort and a doctor's apparent skepticism of his condition, Henry clarified the incident, noting an unfortunate mishap with his protective gear led to the severe impact.

“It was a weird experience, and a lot of people don’t really understand exactly what happened,” Henry explained. He detailed how a previous minor contact had dislodged his protective cup, setting the stage for the more damaging blow in the subsequent round.

The aftermath of the incident left Henry in significant pain for days, yet he harbors no resentment, accepting such risks as part of the sport. "Fights are fights and it happens," he said, maintaining his enthusiasm for the competition and the unpredictable nature of the Octagon.

Henry is set to return to action against Rani Yahya at UFC Fight Night: Nicolau vs Perez. Facing Yahya, a renowned jiu-jitsu specialist, presents a strategic challenge for Henry, who respects Yahya's grappling prowess and record-tying submission victories. "Avoiding his jiu jitsu is going to be a challenge, but I think I’ve done the work in the gym, and I believe in my abilities to beat that," he stated confidently.

The upcoming match promises an exciting clash of styles, with both fighters eager to secure a definitive finish rather than a mere win. Henry, in particular, looks forward to a dynamic fight, hinting at a strategy that includes striking to complement his grappling defense.

As Henry prepares for his next bout, he is mindful of protecting himself better against low blows, aiming for a fight that showcases his skills and entertains fans without further mishaps.

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