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Historic Trilogy Fight for the BRAVE CF 82 Bantamweight Belt: Nkosi Ndebele vs. Jose Torres Set to Ignite Mauritius!

Nkosi vs Jose Torres BRAVE CF 82
Black Belt Plus

BRAVE Combat Federation is gearing up for a landmark event in Mauritius on May 11, which promises to be the most significant fight in African MMA history. The event, BRAVE CF 82, marks BRAVE CF’s debut in Mauritius and represents the third African country to host a BRAVE CF event, following successful events in South Africa and Morocco.

The highlight of BRAVE CF 82 is the highly anticipated trilogy fight between Bantamweight World Champion Nkosi Ndebele and former champion Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres. This trilogy is unique in MMA history, with each bout taking place on a different continent: the first in South America (Colombia), the second in Asia (Bahrain), and now the climactic third in Africa.

South African native Nkosi Ndebele, BRAVE Combat Federation's first entirely homegrown world champion, will defend his title on African soil, adding a special significance to this bout. Ndebele's professional career has been nurtured within BRAVE CF, emphasizing the organization's commitment to providing a global platform for African athletes.

This event not only highlights Ndebele’s journey but also provides Jose Torres with an opportunity for redemption. After losing his title to Ndebele at BRAVE CF 80, Torres is motivated to settle the score decisively, despite the challenge of fighting against the home ground advantage of Ndebele.

As BRAVE CF continues to expand its footprint across Africa, the upcoming fight in Mauritius on May 11 is set to captivate the MMA world, offering a thrilling conclusion to this historic trilogy.

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