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Joshua Van Determined Despite Setbacks, Eyes Big Fights in 2024, starting this Saturday at UFC Denver

Josha Van at Weigh In
Black Belt Plus

Despite a series of canceled fights, "The Fearless" Joshua Van remains undeterred in his pursuit of UFC glory. Following his impressive victory over Felipe Bunes in January, which pushed his UFC record to 3-0, Van has encountered unexpected hurdles with four potential matchups falling through due to various reasons. The fighters in question included Lucas Rocha, Sumudaerji, Tatsuro Taira, and Tagir Ulanbekov.

"It's been a tough six months without a fight. I was aiming to compete six times this year, but these cancellations are really frustrating," Van expressed. However, the young fighter remains grounded, thanks to the consistent training regimen instilled by his coaches and the encouragement from his head coach, Daniel Pineda. Pineda, a seasoned UFC veteran, has been instrumental in keeping Van focused, advising him to stay prepared for any last-minute opportunities.

Van's commitment to his training is evident. Unlike many fighters who ramp up their training only when a fight is scheduled, he maintains a steady pace, ensuring he's always in top form. "We don’t fluctuate in our training intensity. That consistency is crucial," he noted.

Mentally, Van is bolstered by the support from his coaching team, including Frank Gallego, who together have helped him navigate the psychological challenges of the sport. "At one point, I considered retiring to find a regular job, but my team kept me grounded and patient," Van shared.

With Pineda set to compete against Nathaniel Wood in England on July 27, Van is eager to step back into the Octagon himself. Despite the holiday festivities around July 4th, Van chose to focus on his career, illustrating his dedication and the sacrifices required to succeed at the highest levels of MMA.

Van's immediate goal is to triumph in his upcoming fight against Charles Johnson and to secure three more significant bouts by the end of 2024. He believes that consistent performances will prove his value to the UFC and pave the way for more prominent fights.

Don’t miss Van in action at UFC Fight Night: Namajunas vs Cortez, streaming live from Denver's Ball

Arena on July 13. The prelims begin at 7 PM ET followed by the main card at 10 PM ET.

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