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The Caitlin Clark and Bruce Lee/Kobe Bryant Connection!

Updated: 5 days ago

caitlin clark bruce lee

Caitlin Clark and the Bruce Lee/Kobe Bryant Connection!

Even if you don’t watch women’s basketball (or even a fan of men’s basketball, for that matter) you’ve likely been unable to miss the name Caitlin Clark and those signature yellow shoes. 

“They got magic in them,” Clark said when crediting the stylish yellow-black pair of sneakers for her impeccable form at the highly anticipated game against a team that remained undefeated throughout the championship. 

caitlin clark

But these aren’t just any sneakers: these are the Nike Kobe 5 Protro 'Bruce Lee'. Fans of the Game of Death Movie remember Bruce Lee famously sporting a pair of yellow shoes when he took on another basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar. These historical images and moments also inspired Kobe to create an entire shoe line. 

caitlin clark bruce lee

bruce lee

Game of Death Bruce Lee faces a giant of a man Kareem Abdul Jabbar wearing signature yellow shoes that inspired a generation of designers.

Hailing from Iowa, Caitlin has become a household name, captivating fans of all ages and backgrounds with her exceptional talent on the court. 

Her list of accolades reads like a who's who of basketball greatness, including prestigious titles such as Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year and Associated Press' National Player of the Year. She has set numerous single-game and single-season scoring records for both Iowa and the Big Ten Conference.

caitlin clark

But Caitlin's impact stretches far beyond the court. She's a unifying force, bringing together people from all walks of life under the banner of their shared admiration for her. In a world often divided, Caitlin has become a symbol of unity and inspiration.

Are you watching the games? 

The Iowa Hawkeyes are going back to the Final Four. Caitlin Clark and Co. took down LSU with a 94-87 win in the Elite Eight after the Tigers beat the Hawkeyes in last season's national championship game. 

Clark finished with 41 points, seven rebounds and 12 assists in yet another incredible performance on the big stage. Her nine 3-pointers tied a record for an NCAA Tournament game, and in the process she passed Diana Taurasi for the most 3s ever in the NCAA Tournament.

Nike Kobe 5 Protro 'Bruce Lee'

It was another step in her revenge tour. As usual, Clark took that step in a pair of Kobe Bryant's signature sneakers. Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes have secured their spot in the Final Four for the second year in a row.

Bruce and Kobe would be proud as she demonstrates her warrior-like qualities that we all so admire!

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