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Thiago Moises Settles Back in Brazil, Reflects on UFC Journey and Upcoming Challenges

Thiago Moises

Black Belt Plus

A week following his impressive victory against Mitch Ramirez on March 16, Thiago Moises returned to his homeland of Brazil, buoyed by his performance and anticipating his next challenge in the UFC.

This marks a typical rhythm for a rising lightweight fighter in one of mixed martial arts’ most competitive divisions—a pace Moises embraces wholeheartedly.

Moises, who is no stranger to the demands of his sport, stressed the importance of balancing rigorous training with necessary downtime. “I just want to get better, keep improving, and show a better version of myself in my next fight,” Moises commented.

He also emphasized the need for recovery, stating, “It’s crucial to rest the body and mind after the stress of camp, fight week, and the fight itself.”

Now splitting his time between Brazil and Florida, where he trains at American Top Team, Moises enjoys the support of his family, who prefer the closeness of their Brazilian roots. “My wife wanted to be closer to our family. That’s why we are here,” he explained, adding humorously that domestic harmony is key to his mental well-being and, by extension, his professional success.

Moises’s recent fight with Ramirez, who stepped in for Brad Riddell on short notice, posed a unique set of challenges. It was a high-risk scenario with little apparent reward, as a loss would harm Moises’s ranking, but a win wouldn’t provide much advancement.

“This was high risk, zero reward,” Moises admitted, acknowledging the pressure to not only win but to dominate, which he managed by securing victory in the third round.

Looking ahead, Moises is expected to face Ludovit Klein in his next bout, a fight that continues to stoke his competitive fire. Despite not getting the opponent he originally called out, Dan Hooker, Moises’s focus remains unwavering. “We get paid to fight,” he stated. “I’ll fight anybody, just tell me where and against whom. I'll be there.”

As Moises continues to ascend in the lightweight rankings, his journey is a testament to the resilience and dedication required to succeed at the highest levels of MMA. His story is far from over, with the next chapter anticipated to unfold in June.

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