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BRAVE CF champ Nkosi Ndebele challenges Bantamweight division, Muhammad Idrisov responds

Nkosi Ndebele
Black Belt Plus

BRAVE Combat Federation Bantamweight champion Nkosi Ndebele is in search of his next challenger and may have found one in Muhammad Idrisov.

Nkosi, who successfully defended his Bantamweight title against Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres in a historic trilogy fight at BRAVE CF 82 in Mauritius, recently posted a video on Instagram taunting potential challengers in the Bantamweight division. 

In the video, Nkosi showcased his world title and called out fellow fighters Hamza Kooheji and Muhammad Idrisov. 

"So, you all quiet now. Somebody say something. Who is next? Who is next?" Nkosi said. 

Idrisov quickly responded, expressing his readiness to fight in October or November. 

“Right now, I like you. Let’s do it October or November,” Idrisov wrote while resharing Nkosi’s video. 

Muhammad Idrisov, who recently moved up from the Flyweight division, was scheduled to fight in the Bantamweight division at BRAVE CF 83 in the Netherlands. However, an opponent change forced him to fight at Catchweight against Zaka Fatullazade. 

Despite the last-minute hiccup, Idrisov produced a dominant performance and submitted his opponent in the first round. This victory marked Idrisov's second consecutive win, improving his professional MMA record to 9 wins and 1 loss and placing him in a good position to challenge the Bantamweight champion. 

Hamza Kooheji, on the other hand, has been away from action since 2022 due to an injury. He has been busy imparting his knowledge to the next generation during his recovery period.

Although Nkosi had previously called out Featherweight champion Nemat Abdrashitov following his victory at BRAVE CF 82, he appears keen to remain active in the Bantamweight division until the opportunity to become a double champion arises.

Irrespective of where the banter leads to, the exchange between Nkosi and Idrisov has fired up the BRAVE CF Bantamweight division giving the fans one more reason to be excited about what the future holds for the division.

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