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Bruce Lee’s 2nd 1967 Interview: on the Yip Man (Ip Man), Training Celebs & Intro to JKD 

bruce lee kato

Black Belt Plus

Jeet Kune Do is simply the direct expression of one's feelings with the minimum of movements and energy.”

BRUCE LEE, that five-foot-eight-inch-145-pound cache of Chinese TNT who plays Kato, the crime- buster in TVs "Green Hornet," is a stickler for realism.

If a TV producer asks him to play a role, Bruce now wants to know before he signs up whether the part is reasonably realistic.

The dynamic, effervescent plague of the TV hoodlums, let the bars down a wee bit when he accepted the role of bodyguard and faithful companion to "The Green Hornet'' by hoaxing up his gung-fu tactics to provide more exciting action.

bruce lee kato

But the San Francisco-born, Hong Kong-raised actor has learned some valuable lessons from his initial experience in the world of make-believe.

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