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Jose Torres's Promises Bold Redemption in BRAVE CF 82, Shocking Admission: Took Nkosi Ndebele Too Lightly in Second Fight!

Jose Shorty Torres with BRAVE CF Belt
Black Belt Plus

Former BRAVE CF Bantamweight world champion Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres is out for redemption at BRAVE CF 82 when he fights Nkosi Ndebele in the main event. 

This will be the third fight between Torres and Nkosi; marking the first trilogy in BRAVE Combat Federation history. In the first fight between the two at BRAVE CF 73, it was Torres who came out on top through a split decision win. In turn, he captured the Bantamweight world title.

In the rematch which happened at BRAVE CF 80, Nkosi forced Torres to quit in the third round and became the Bantamweight world champion. 

Now, with the stage set for a historic trilogy showdown, Jose Torres aims to prove a point not only to the world but to himself. 

"I’m going to try my best to prove myself; to not just the world but to myself as well. I know how good I have been. I have achieved so much, but I want so much more," Torres shared during an Instagram interaction with his fans.

Speaking further, Torres admitted that he had to pay the price for taking Nkosi lightly in the second fight. He also addressed the nasty cuts which he suffered in the fight at BRAVE CF 80. 

“And with this opponent, I took him too lightly in the last fight. I was playing around and I got beat up for it. Now, I also have a price to pay because I am going in there slightly handicapped [points to his eyebrows which were cut during the second fight with Nkosi Ndebele] so the same thing could happen. So, for me, can I push through that this time? Can I push through and not let this happen and show how good I really am by doing the things I need to do; preventing all this from happening again or something new? Show the world how good I am. So that is my goal, it is the road to redemption,” Shorty concluded.

BRAVE CF 82, set for May 11 in Mauritius, will not only witness the historic showdown between Jose Torres and Nkosi Ndebele but also showcase other thrilling fights, including the co-main event clash between Nicholas Hwende and Khurshed Nazarov which has major implications on the Bantamweight division.

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