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UFC Sets the Stage for Lightweight Fights at UFC 299 and UFC 300: Poirier vs Saint Denis & Oliveira vs Tsarukyan

New Lightweight Fights UFC 299 & UFC 300

Dana White

In an exciting announcement for mixed martial arts fans, UFC President Dana White has unveiled two major lightweight fights scheduled for the promotion's upcoming landmark events, UFC 299 and UFC 300. These matches promise high stakes and thrilling action in the lightweight division.

At UFC 299, set for March 9 in Miami, former interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier is slated to face the rapidly rising French fighter, Benoît Saint Denis, in what is expected to be a riveting 5-round co-main event. Poirier, known for his striking prowess and resilience, has been a prominent figure in the lightweight division, holding notable victories over top fighters. His opponent, Saint Denis, has been making waves in the division with his impressive performances, setting the stage for a compelling matchup.

Black Belt Plus

The excitement continues the following month at UFC 300, where former undisputed lightweight champion Charles Oliveira will clash with Arman Tsarukyan. This fight carries significant implications, as it has been announced that a title shot against current champion Islam Makhachev is on the line. Oliveira, renowned for his submission skills and all-around ability, is coming off a streak of high-profile victories. Tsarukyan, on the other hand, has been steadily climbing the ranks, showcasing his well-rounded skill set.

These matchups are not just a display of individual talents but also a testament to the depth and competitiveness of the UFC's lightweight division. With Poirier and Oliveira, both former champions, facing off against rising stars like Saint Denis and Tsarukyan, these events are guaranteed to keep fans on the edge of their seats. The outcomes of these fights are poised to significantly impact the landscape of the lightweight division, especially with a title opportunity hanging in the balance at UFC 300.

As the UFC continues to celebrate its milestone events with blockbuster cards, these lightweight battles at UFC 299 and UFC 300 are expected to be among the highlights of the year in MMA. Fans worldwide eagerly await to see if Poirier and Oliveira can reclaim their positions at the top of the division or if Saint Denis and Tsarukyan will shake up the rankings with landmark victories.

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